A classic and highly controversial expos? of the secret world of the Freemasons reissued with a new introduction by Martin Short, author of ?Inside the Brotherhood?.

The Freemasons have long fascinated outsiders. The subject of Dan Brown?s new novel ? set for release in 2007 ? this secret and exclusive society, thought to be the largest in Britain today, remains a mystery to the many excluded from its ranks. One would never know if a father or brother was a member due to the mandatory vow of secrecy.

In this classic, controversial expos?, Stephen Knight talks to the men on the inside ? those who have broken their vow of secrecy to reveal the darker side of the ?brotherhood?. Do they influence the law? Is the KGB involved? And is there is a secret group of Masons running the country today, perhaps influencing every move we make?

Fully updated with a new introduction by Martin Short, acclaimed author of ?Inside the Brotherhood?, this is the unmissable, true story of an ancient, and mysterious brotherhood operating in our midst.

Author: Stephen Knight


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