Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance


Find success in finance, friendships, and spirituality withthe advice of a well-known expert It’s safe to say that nearly everyone is seeking a happier, moresuccessful life. So then why do so few attain it? BusinessSecrets from the Bible proposes a new way to view and approachsuccess–one based upon key concepts from the Bible that areactually surprisingly simple. Written especially for those seekingsuccess in the realms of money, relationships, and spirituality, this book encourages readers to realize their common mistakes, cometo terms with them, and turn those mistakes into future triumphs.Filled with concrete advice for improved finances, spirituality, and connection, this resource takes a practical approach and aimsto change not just the minds, but the actions of readers with aself-evident and persuasive pathway.

Drawing on his wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, the authorreveals the clear link between making money and spirituality, andurges readers to focus on self-discipline, integrity, and characterstrength in order to achieve personal prosperity. Special emphasisis given to establishing positive attitudes toward making money andadopting effective Biblically-based strategies.

Demonstrates how earnings and profits are God’s reward forforming relationships with others and serving them
Stresses the importance of service, sharing, change, leadership, and creating boundaries and structures
Encourages readers to focus on other people’s desires andteaches why and how to make connections with many people
Suggests ways for readers to transform themselves and continuetoward success even in the face of fear and uncertainty
Attaining wealth and well-being is no longer a mystery. Let thisbook identify and correct the errors that are keeping you fromfulfillment and happiness.

Author: Daniel Lapin


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