Kenya’s 50 Years of Diplomatic Engagement: From Kenyatta to Kenyatta


Kenya’s Fifty Years of Diplomatic Engagement is a collection of experiences by Kenyan diplomats and academic essays which traces Kenya’s early diplomacy since independence in 1963 to 2013. The narrative of the history of a young nation’s diplomacy is told by the men and women who took the mantle of steering the nation’s diplomacy during the formative years. The story of the nation’s struggle to find a place in the complex diplomatic world can at times read like a thriller. For example, the stories by Bethwell Kiplagat as he traversed the jungles of Mozambique as he sought peace for that country is something that will be cherished by future generations. The description of the methods Kenya used to win the bid to host the most important UN urgency in Nairobi is amazing, to say the least.

Author: Kipyego Cheluget


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