Public Finance


Public Finance: 27th Edition The book Public Finance has now been in existence for the last 36 years. Right from its first edition it has been serving the wide-based needs of students, teachers and the general public,as also serving as a reference volume for researchers and others. It is equally useful for competitive examinations conducted by various professional and employment-providing bodies. It covers the UGC syllabus and the syllabi of many Indian universities for honours,postgraduate and professional courses. The mainstay of its long existence is the very logical and systematic basis of its approach.Thus, the book is divided into two parts. Part I provides an analytical and comprehensive discussion of both the basics and frontiers of the theory of public finance. Part II covers the setup, issues and working of Indian fiscal field mounted upon the theoretical underpinnings and international practices and experience. The illustrations are drawn mainly from the Indian scene, with a cross reference to international experience. The edition in hand is a thoroughly revised one and incorporates the latest theoretical advancements in the subject. It makes use of the latest available discussions, debates, data and information, to the extent feasible, of original sources and documents. In the portion dealing with Indian public finance, it covers the GOI and Railway Budgets for 2012-13, state government budgets for 2011-12,and numerous reports including a detailed examination of the Report of the Thirteenth Finance Commission, and provides a thorough and objective coverage of the issues being debated in the field of Indian public finance. Consequently, this edition contains four appendices on the newly emerging topics,namely,”Budgetary Deficits: Concepts and Measures”, “A Note on VAT,Service Tax and GST in India”, “Gender Budgeting”, and”Incremental Budgeting”.This edition also contains several value-added features designed to enhance ease of comprehension of the subject and its reasoning,including ‘learning objectives’ in the beginning

Author: H.L. Bhatia


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