Pushback:How Smart Women Ask and Stand Up For What They Want


Selena Rezvani – popular Washington Post columnist and noted leadership consultant – argues that self-advocacy is critical of success. And yet, she explains, women initiate negotiations four times less often than men, resulting in them getting less of what they want and deserve: promotion opportunities, plum assignments and higher pay. It doesn’t have to be this way, and in Pushback, Rezvani shines a light on the rules of holding your own and ‘’pushing back’’ what is rightfully yours.
Pushback provides a reliable and methodological approach for taking a firm position on the issues that matter most to you. Focusing on how women can hone their negotiation skills and techniques, Rezvani addresses the most pressing questions that professional women face as they prepare to take a stand on tough topics.

Author: Selena Rezvani

ISBN: 9781118104903

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