Relational Intelligence


An insightful and practical guide for developing relational leadership skills and engaging new paradigms of influence Relational Intelligence reveals how leaders can become smarter in the way they conduct their relationships, and as a result, catalyze their impact. This book unwraps the hidden power of a relational genius and the practical pursuits that contribute to increasing one’s relational quotient (RQ). Steve Saccone offers thought-provoking and compelling pathways into understanding the synergistic effect of relational intelligence, mission, and influence. He demonstrates how critical the art of relational intelligence is for leaders who desire to better serve those they lead, as well as the organizations and communities they love.

Offers practical wisdom, engaging anecdotes, and compelling stories that show leaders how to develop relational intelligence
Delineates the essential skills that make leaders relationally intelligent
Unwraps six roles of a relational genius and how these transform our approaches to influence
Includes Foreword by Erwin Raphael McManus
A new book in the popular Leadership Network Series
The author reveals how to increase one’s awareness of the nuances in relational dynamics and suggests ways to help navigate relationships more intelligently and productively.

Author: Steve Saccone


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